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Plant-Powered Pet CBD Treats

Help your pet with sustainable products.
Soothe their anxiety in moments of distress.
Fight Pain and Inflammation in a Natural Way.

White Horse
          -We are all in for quality -
Meaning that your furry family members will enjoy the identical CBD as humans.
Moments of anxiety and Pain are often frequent in animals. Studies at American Universities have proved CBD's effectiveness as a non-invasive and natural treatment of pain relief in osteoarthritis swollen tissues.

Daily treatments also obtain good results with seizures, chronic pain, and skin and digestive problems.


We combine the effectiveness of CBD with natural flavours and textures that your companions is used to eat and love.

Start with minimum strength and tailor a program to the size and needs of your buddy.


You can find our CBD products at your vet or local pet store.


CBD for Dogs is effective treating:
Hip Dysplasia
Degenerative Disk Disease

CBD helps with Pain management in dogs.

In a study made at Cornel Ccanine Health Center, more than 80% of the dogs with osteoarthritis experienced a decrease in pain, allowing them to be more comfortable and active.

CBD for Horses is effective tre
Soreness and overall body discomfort
Joint stiffness
Pain and aches
Anxiety, holistic approach to decrease overall equine behavioral stress and stress caused by transportation.
Boost Stamina 
Help to prevent cravings and general appetite.

Studies on the effect of CBD on horse anxiety and reactivity addressed:

“The alteration of neurotransmitter release from the brain by cannabinoids, result in pain reduction and muscle relaxation, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.”

 -Not all CBD products are the same; you’ll want high-quality CBD.
BESTIES, is a product you can trust-.
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