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Dog Friends_edited.jpg

Besties, CBD for Dogs


What does CBD oil do for your dogs?


Dogs have long lives, but sometimes different complications can affect their quality of life.

Canine companions are resilient animals that hardly express when they feel pain; They will hide their discomfort or ache as long as possible. They can stoically withstand difficult situations lying alone, flattening ears, shaking, licking or scratching.

Occasionally, they can get grumpy or defensive and reluctant to play, interact or exercise.

Medication is the way to treat illnesses, but sometimes this same medication affects other organs, causing new diseases.  

Dog Lover
Dog in His Bed

It is becoming increasingly frequent that our busy lives don't allow us to be with our dogs the time they need.

They get anxious and frustrated, don't get the amount of activity they need, and their digestion slows.


When they get overweight and heavy to move, new problems appear;

The extra weight affects their joints, causing trouble walking and breathing problems;  having a normal lifestyle becomes more complex, so you don't want your pooch to be a couch potato.


The good news is that you can support them effectively, holistically and naturally.

CBD oil is well-known to help:

Regulate sleep and appetite.

Boosts the gut's good bacteria improving digestion and general well-being.

 Protects and helps the immune system.

Diminish Chronic pain

Alleviates inflammation and other immune system responses.

Manages mood fluctuations.

Improves muscle growth.

Increase bone reshaping.

Maintain cardiovascular system function.

Enhance skin and coat.

A balanced and healthy diet with the right combination of nutrients and high in proteins is essential for long-life healthy animals, but when they need support, the CBD oil in Besties can do wonders.

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                              -Holistic products treat the body as a whole; Mind, Body and Soul-
Besties are a Food Supplement with Hemp Oil Extract, rich in Phytocannabinoids.
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