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CBD for Dogs and Horses

Do you think about a holistic approach to your horses? CBD pellets are a great option that has proven to be safe.

Horseback Riding

When you decide to use CBD, don't think you need to use high doses to prevent or diminish certain conditions in your horses; Start with small amounts and find yourself the correct dosage required by your horse. 

CBD is a component that has been studied and proven to be: 

Not Toxic 

Not habit forming


100% Natural

Horses are beautiful and sensitive animals that must be handled carefully; If you have a relaxed horse, you have a happy buddy.

We, as horse owners, know that every horse has a unique temper, and sometimes horses' attitude does not reflect their mood, which often is a sign or warning of a problem that can be handled holistically.


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- Equine Wellness Hemp+  is the easiest way to support your equine health in an integrated and natural way.

- Combining CBD with minerals such as magnesium helps ease muscle tremors and nervousness.-

It is a natural approach for helping your horses feel balanced inside and out.

A holistic way to help your horse to feel better.

Equine Wellness Hemp+

Horseback Riding

Our broad-spectrum CBD pellets benefit horses by interacting with their ECS Endocannabinoid system, optimizing basic processes for every- day function.

This food Supplement with Hemp Oil Extract is rich in Phytocannabinoids and 

well-proven to help your horse in many ways:

  • Reducing Neuropathic & Joint Pain that directly affects your horse's mobility.

  • Fighting inflammation.

  • Decreasing Anxiety.

  • Reducing soreness and overall body discomfort.

  • Promoting healthier-looking coats.

  • Controlling appetite and cravings to maintain adequate nutrition.

  • Helping to build good gut bacteria.

  • Increasing stamina levels.

- Equine Wellness Hemp+ will help your horse to feel good and ready when you enjoy saddling him up.

Our pellets with CBD oil will aid their digestion process when stalled for several hours a day.

When their gut is working correctly, they get the nutrients and energy needed to perform; Their mind is clear, their attitude is right, and they are willing and prepared to do what they are expected to.-

Girl and Horse
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