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Our Commitment to Quality

                                Independent laboratories test every product that you buy from us.

- At Leafheal, we create nutraceuticals that we love to use, with organic and natural ingredients.

- All the Hemp and CBD we use comes from farms and extraction facilities with an exceptional global reputation. 

- We don't use artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives

- All our products are non-GMO, pesticide-free 

Environmentally Responsible

We take good care of the environment where we live

The company's Chemical Policy is as active and we show it.

Our products are 100% Organic.

At Leafheal we work with farmers, who share our interest in a sustainable future, and have left behind dangerous substances and pesticides. They test the plant material to ensure the absence of heavy metals, moulds, mites, weeds, or mildews.

In a green initiative, all our packagings are 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable.

-The design of our packages incorporates the Government’s voluntary nutritional labelling scheme-

Our Social Commitment

Because we care about people

At Leafheal we are continually lowering the impact of our decisions on Society above and beyond our legal obligations, through transparent and ethical behaviour; We think that what we receive is as important as what we give.

We are constantly working with our suppliers monitoring for their commitment to avoid child labour, diversity, and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Working with Nature,
not against it.

Nature has enormous, under-utilised power,  capable of healing our body and mind.

Understanding and respecting the Natural World is the first necessary step towards a high-quality physical condition and balanced life.

We are all now witnessing the result of forcing our way through Nature, rather than working with it.

All our products have full traceability from the farm plot to finished product.

                       Whatever we do
        we always do it thinking about our pets
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