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Cocker Spaniel
Golden retriever

Luna, 12 years old, West Lothian


Peanut is a 2-year-old Golden retriever.

Sweet-natured, affectionate and lively, she is full of beans and never stops running and jumping.

Her joyous and playful approach to the newborn Bernie made her family start a new training apart from the previous and very successful one she had.

Now at an adult age, she needed to learn how to treat a baby, being more calm and gentle.

Her mum started to teach her new rules, and with Besties' help, she is more than happy to have her new lessons.

Peanut is now more careful and has established a new relationship with little Bernie. She is still the same boisterous cheeky girl when she can but not with Bernie.

Boy with Pug Puppy

Darcey. 6 months old, Essex


Darcey is a lovely pup pug rescued from a breeder in Eastern Europe. When rescued, she looked dirty and confused. Darcey arrived at her new home when she was three months old. Immediately, she felt the anxiety of leaving her mum and siblings behind, even if that world was infested with ticks and fleas. 
In her new home, a whole family was waiting for her. Too many people and new challenges expected her; she found lovable children, exciting things to shred and thrilling furniture to chew up.
Her mum decided that much love, patience, and  CBD treats could help her feel more at ease. After four months, Darcey has become an adorable, relaxed and happy pup who finally got the family she deserved.
Some things didn't change: she still is fluffy and cute and can't help to beseech  for her CBD treats.


Cocker Spaniel

Goofy, 10 years old, Lancashire


No mater if they are salt and pepper, black and fire or caramel, they always look as they just got a blowout at the village hair dressser. 
Goofie is a gentleman with some temper, and his earing and vision loss did not help him at all.
He started having full expectrum CBD treats twice a day and it is obviously working wonders with him.
Now more relaxed and not so grumpy he enjoys the pleasant warm of the logs lying down next to the fireplace with his long time companion Peter indulging theirselves with some biscuit sand CBD treats. .
Siberian Husky

Zippi, 2 years old Husky, Lincolnshire


Zippi loves to hear his voice...
Dad has to leave him home alone when he goes shopping for food for both; That is the moment when Zippi starts practising the whole Sea Shanties repertoire he knows, "aaaawooossss."
Zippi gets very anxious and cries until his Dad is back. Neighbours were distraught and probably unhappy with the situation.
On December 2022, fireworks, many people around him, and thunderous parties worsened the situation, and Zippi needed some help. One amazing and caring neighbour brought a solution; was this possible? Would it help? A lovely well, wrapped present was given to Zippi.
Zippi started his treatment with Besties, and now, after two months, he is controlling his anxieties and fears; Dad is free to go shopping and can leave him home alone for a couple of hours; They often go together, and Zippi patiently waits in the car until Dad returns. 
Little Chihuahua wearing a red dress

Tiny, 13 years old Chihuahua, Lancashire 


Tiny is a 2.5 kg chihuahua. She always lived with her mum, and they used to go everywhere together. Now at her golden age, she suffered a hip dysplasia in one hip as well arthritis. This condition was making their rendevous shorter and less frequent. Tiny was very sad and distressed because of the pain and inability to keep enjoying outs and about with her mum.
After three months of Bestie's treatment, she recovered the ability to walk and now lives without pain.
Her quality of life improved, as also her mood and appetite. You'll see them having tea with friends at the garden centres around their homes.

Mittens, 1-year-old Cockapoo, Grampians


This adorable, sweet comedian cockapoo has the personality of a clown.
He lives in a house with a big garden which makes him visit the groom very often.
When he was nine months old, his mum started desensitising him to the noise of the grooming tools with the help of his yummy Besties.
Every visit to the groomer is a feast!​ And he knows that he will get more treats if he is being groomed, so let's start the party!
He doesn't mind being groomed, but why give up on these delicious little pleasures?
Hungry Dog

Pudding, 13 years old Yorkie, Stirlingshire


Pudding is a mature adult (he doesn't want to be considered a senior yet)!
He was adopted at the age of 10 when his Dad passed. His new family didn't know much about him but knew he deserved a good retirement scheme.
Pudding was probably not very socialised; the loud noises, TV and washing machine were a terrible nightmare to him.
After trying with Besties' for 20 days, Pudding allowed his mum to bathe, groom, and cuddle him like a pro!
Now he looks happy and comfortable with the world and people around him, apart from lying on his mum's lap!
French Bulldog

Ninette, 4 years old French Bulldog, Wiltshire


Ninette was born with spine issues, which are frequent in flat-faced dogs. After some months and due to going under regular painkillers medication, she developed a kidney disease; Thanks to early detection, she survived. Her mum knew she had to do something radical and different and that she had to stop the hemivertebrae medication.
She knew the only solution to help Ninette was to try alternative treatments; That was when her mum decided to try Besties' CBD treatment. This decision has changed Ninette's life. She is back to almost everyday life and just needs to make several but shorter walks.
For her, The Best is yet to come! 
Dog in Nature

Buddy. 6 years old Labrador, Aberdinshire


Buddy went through a stressful event when he was three years old, 

and a hunter accidentally shot him. That situation triggered his IBS problems.

After that day, he started to suffer from allergic reactions. He was licking and nibbling his feet, scratching his ears or generally overgrooming.
Buddy's family vet treated him with topical medication, but his skin started to look crusted and flaky, and his hair fell more than usual.
After these medications, they tried oral antifungal medication, but Buddy began losing his appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea.
His family chose a different approach to the problem and asked the vet about CBD treatments. After listening to his vet's opinion, they started with CBD treatment. After two months of therapy with Besties, his owners noticed a positive change in his allergic reaction. He was no longer scratching and licking as before, and after a year of treatment, he was back to the usual happy and cheeky Buddy. 
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