CBD's legislation at the present

The slow pace in cannabis legislation is encouraging unscrupulous manufacturers and e-commerce companies to make enormous profits selling or advertising products with misleading statements. Sometimes with little or no CBD in their composition, or using synthetic hemp instead of organic biological hemp to the utmost of not declaring the exact amount of THC on their product's labels.

The legislation concerning cannabis products, including CBD, is limited in the UK and this lack of regulations tends to make the cannabis industry a dark area of confusion, misinformation, and misleading labels.  Our Parliament needs to revise old fundaments concerning CBD consumption and commerce, shaping laws with reasonable and uniform regulations which will help the general public to be protected, safe advised and well informed.

- Governments have to deliver far-reaching rules - 

The law recognises CBD as a food supplement, EU legislation on CBD dictates that it must be from industrial hemp produced by EU approved seeds; It can then be extracted and placed into licensed products for human consumption that fall under the category of 'novel foods'. 

Currently, the regulations surrounding CBD remain unclear in most of Europe. However, it is expected that governments will move to implement more comprehensive rules as reported by recent announcements by the EFSA and the FSA in the UK.

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