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Thinking about a holistic approach to your horses? CBD is a great option that has proven to be safe to use in horses. 


CBD for Horses

Do you think about a holistic approach to your horses? CBD is a great option that has proven to be safe to use in horses.

These beautiful and sensitive animals must be handled carefully; a relaxed horse is happy.

We, as horse owners, know that every horse has a unique temper, and sometimes horses' attitude does not reflect their mood, which often is a sign or warning of a problem which can be handled holistically.

So, when deciding to use CBD, don't think you need to use high doses to prevent or diminish certain conditions in your horses; Start with small amounts and find yourself the correct dosage required by your horse. 

CBD is a component that has been studied and proven to be: 

Not Toxic 

Not habit forming


- Equine Wellness Hemp+  is the easiest way to support your equine health in an integrated and natural way.

- Combining CBD with minerals such as magnesium helps

ease muscle tremors and nervousness.-

Horseback Riding

Equine Wellness Hemp+

It is a natural approach for helping your horses feel balanced inside and out.
A holistic way to help your horse to feel better.

Our broad-spectrum CBD benefits horses by interacting with their ECS Endocannabinoid system, optimizing basic processes for every- day function.

These pellets are a Food Supplement with Hemp Oil Extract rich in Phytocannabinoids.

They are well-proven to help your horse in many ways:

  • Reducing Neuropathic & Joint Pain that directly affects your horse's mobility.

  • Fighting inflammation.

  • Decreasing Anxiety.

  • Reducing soreness and overall body discomfort.

  • Promoting healthier-looking coats.

  • Controlling appetite and cravings to maintain adequate nutrition.

  • Helping to build Good Gut bacteria.

  • Increasing stamina levels.


- Equine Wellness Hemp+ will help your horse to feel good and ready when you enjoy saddling him up

Our pellets with CBD oil will aid their digestion process when stalled for several hours a day. When their gut is working correctly, they get the nutrients and energy needed to perform; Their mind is clear, their attitude is right, and they are willing and prepared to do what they are expected to.-

Dog in a Raincoat

Besties, CBD for Dogs

What does CBD oil do for your dogs?

Dogs have long lives, but sometimes different complications can affect their quality of life.

Canine companions are resilient animals that hardly express when they feel pain; They will hide their discomfort or ache as long as possible.

They can stoically withstand difficult situations lying alone, flattening ears, shaking, licking or scratching. Occasionally, they can get grumpy or defensive and reluctant to play, interact or exercise.

Medication is the way to treat illnesses, but sometimes this same medication affects other organs, causing new diseases.  

 It is becoming increasingly frequent that our busy lives don't allow us to be with our dogs the time they need; They get anxious and frustrated, don't get the amount of activity they need, and their digestion slows down. When they get overweight and heavy to move, new problems appear; The overweight affects their joints and causes trouble walking and breathing, so you don't want your pooch to be a couch potato.


The good news is that you can support them effectively, holistically and naturally.

- A balanced and healthy diet with the right combination of nutrients and high in proteins is basic for long-life healthy animals, but when they need support, the CBD oil in Besties can do wonders.-



Cute Dog

Dog treats with CBD oil

Support your dog in a wide range of conditions.

Besties are a Food Supplement with Hemp Oil Extract, rich in Phytocannabinoids.

As in humans, dogs have a messenger system called the endocannabinoid system.

Experts are still trying to understand the whole range and functions of the ECS, but so far, it's well-known to help keep internal functions running smoothly and play an essential role in different processes in the body.

CBD oil is well-known to help:

Regulate sleep and appetite.

Boosts the gut's good bacteria improving digestion and general well-being.

 Protects and helps the immune system.

Diminish Chronic pain

Alleviates inflammation and other immune system responses.

Manages mood fluctuations.

Improves muscle growth.

Increase bone reshaping.

Maintain cardiovascular system function.

Enhance skin and coat.


Besties are a friendly hand to give to your pet when they need it. We don't take any shortcuts, and we don't compromise your pooch's health. We use the same CBD oil for humans and pets.


-Holistic products treat the body as a whole; Mind, Body and Soul.-

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