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Please find out how our CBD is helping many horses to feel better.

Spirit, 10 years old, Aberdeenshire


Gingerbread, 17 years old, Cumbria



Spirit is a horse with a vibrant and strong personality.

He gets very stressed before travelling and starts grinding his teeth and sweating.

Before he goes to travel, Equine Wellness Hemp+, which he loves, is added to his feed. Now after three months of having EWH+, he is more relaxed and enjoys every trip rehearsal, as he knows his favourite food supplement will come soon.

Gingerbread used to be ridden for three hours every day. Circumstances have changed, and until little William grows up a bit, she will be out for fewer hours. This unusual situation is affecting her general well-being and mood. Around one month ago, her owner started to give this tall, shire breed lady, EWH+, three times per week with her feed; Gingerbread now has a happier attitude, is calmer, and her coat looks shinier and healthier.

Goldie, 9 years old, London


The "Boss", 8 years old, Grampians



These young ladies started vaulting when they were six years old. They had the same mare until Biscuit, the previous horse, had a severe injury and had to retire from vaulting. Goldie, the new mare, is nouvelle in this; she has the right attitude but looks concerned as a beginner.

The girls needed to build their horse's strength step by step and teach Goldie to keep walking and trotting without trying galloping; they were obligated to get Goldie in an outstanding physical condition and grow a harmonious relationship with her, first-class teamwork.was essential to get the best of the team. They wanted a supplement that supported the horse during training.

​Seven months ago, Goldie started learning the six techniques of pole vaulting.

The team and the riders decided to add EWH+ to all her meals. 

They enjoyed the steady and constant progress in the horse; Goldie is focused and relaxed, looks not bothered by the surroundings, and every day performs better.

The Boss is a young adult, always ready to head out for a long trail ride. His stamina levels have been well-developed over the years. 

A few months ago, he had a minor injury in his hoof, and some bacteria entered, leaving The Boss in pain and with an abscess. His vet successfully treated the infection, but he looked tired. His family started a scheduled workout to recover muscle strength and stamina. His vet suggested helping this process by adding EWH+ to his diet. He started having CBD twice a day, three days a week. After a month, his Dad changed this routine to 4 times per day, four days a week.

This change was the tipping point; the muscle strength and stamina levels were better than expected. All the efforts and EWH+ boosted his stamina as well as his speed. EWH+ worked as a natural EPO enhancer, and his endurance is now better. 

Copine, 19 years old, Lincolnshire


Peaches, 11 years old, Wiltshire


This gorgeous mare was adopted from a family that couldn't afford to have her anymore. 

Her new owners found out she had difficulty getting up after she laid down; she was signalling discomfort and pain, and when up, she shifted weight from one leg to another.

This needed to be treated, but she had a kidney problem, so the treatment had to be something that shouldn't affect her kidneys; therefore, anti-inflammatories were not for her.

They started to add EWH+ to her feed, and after two weeks, Copine looked more agile and comfortable getting up.

She will keep having EWH+ pellets as a regular supplement; She has a consistent schedule and is fed several times daily with small portions of forage meals.  The CBD pellets supplement is added to her feed twice a day.

Peaches is a fully grown mare, and she is used to being transported. After a longer distance than usual trip, she started to have distinctive travelling problems symptoms.

When everything was ready to walk her into the trailer, a battle started; she looked irritated, aggressive and frightened at the sight of the transport.

The situation was new, uncommon and worrying for her family.

They started giving her  EWH+ 

One week before she travelled, they noticed that her behaviour had changed completely. They brought the transport, and she looked more confident and calm.

She is now stressed out and has recovered her confidence. No more fears of bumpy roads; she is ready for smooth trips or dreadful drivers.  

More Furry Friends Stories coming soon!!!

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